Craftsmanship - John McNamee Plastering, Birmingham


Plastering blurs the lines between trade and art. This means my job is to provide my clients with plasterwork that feels and looks great and at the same time is both functional and durable. The passion I have for my work and the great pride I take in it are integral to the high quality of the end result.



There are many factors that go into achieving a long lasting and beautiful finish. I find that clients are often interested to know what goes into this, and I am more than happy to explain the process.


  • As with any type of refurbishment or restoration work preparation and patience are critical.
  • Surfaces are freed of all dust and contaminants prior to anything being applied to walls or ceilings
  • Several layers of PVA are used to ensure a secure and long lasting bond between the surface and backing plaster coat
  • High grade plaster is applied to surfaces in two passes to ensure a superior and durable finish that is in optimum condition for paint adhesion
  • All work is carried out under natural lighting conditions as this helps identify any surface imperfections



These measures combined with over 30 years expertise ensure that the finished job is both beautiful and robust. A wall or ceiling that has been plastered professionally should not only look great but it should last a lifetime.

Plastering Mix Detail 1 - John McNamee Plastering, Birmingham
Plastering Mix Detail 2 - John McNamee Plastering, Birmingham
Plastering Mix Detail 3 - John McNamee Plastering, Birmingham